#NoDAPL Protest Photos, Los Angeles 2/22/17

Yesterday was the deadline for Standing Rock protesters to leave their campsites before police forcibly removed them from the area. So last night protectors in Los Angeles stood in solidarity with the protectors at Standing Rock, marching down Hollywood towards Sunset and the CNN building. The proposed pipeline originally was to go through Bismark, ND, a predominantly white neighborhood, but was rerouted through the reservation of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe because apparently white landowners’ needs come before those of others. Aside from dire environmental concerns about the safety of oil, the pipeline also threatens the tribe’s burial grounds; if this pipeline proposed going through Arlington we’d never hear of it again.

And to the gentleman who felt the need to voice that “Standing Rock doesn’t matter,” check your privilege. Standing Rock is everywhere, and if you’re complacent in with that, then see who’s gonna come stand for you when they come for your rights.

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