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My name is Mick Jacobs, and to keep it brief, I love music. Above is my take of PJ Harvey’s iconic Rid of Me cover. Do I pull it off?

Tell me, I insist! Feel free to comment (coherently, please) below this page and any others. I created this blog for the purpose of getting, you, my dear consumer, into a dialogue. In this case, it happens to be about music, live music in particular, something dear to my heart and deafening to my eardrums.

Secondhand Set Lists grows from my growing collection of live music set lists, which is at this point includes well over 40 different acts.  As a man with a diverse palate and an open mind, I attend shows ranging from jazz shows to indie-pop, and especially if the bill features a female MC.

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” 🇹🇼 ~Shakespeare

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I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, a lovely city if you just give it a chance; (in fact, it’s seen one of the few blessings 2016 actually felt inclined to offer). From the shores of Lake Erie, I migrated to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue a rather expensive journalism degree from Emerson College. My final semester took me to Emerson’s Los Angeles campus, where I interned at Epic Records and learned firsthand the vibrancy of the LA music scene.

I am Sonny, hear me Moore🔊

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*Where I became a DJ

When not writing this vanity project blog, I also write for blogs Pretty Much Amazing, Bass Is My Boyfriend and Mix 247 EDM, as well as for an art gallery & non-profit: feel free to check it all out! Since I have bills and loans to pay off, I am also everyone’s favorite barista at Starbucks on Hollywood & Vine, that is unless you’re rude, in which case all bets are off.

In addition to spending my paychecks on concerts, I also find time to partake in the beach, reading, playing my saxophone (also like PJ Harvey!), cooking and finding places to karaoke. Basically, I like a good time and good music, and if you’ve got good taste, you’ll find that right here too!

(And yes, most pictures on this site come from my iPhone, the Nikon DSLR for the “I just graduated with debt” segment of your journalism career)

Los Angeles, live music, & other lively commentary