Interview with Jim Tremayne of DJ Times

Give a Beat is an LA-based nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of America’s mass incarceration problem via the electronic music community. I freelance for them, interviewing artists and activists they work with, producing audio pieces for Give a Beat’s blog space.

As snail mail grows more antiquated with each iPhone update, receiving a physical letter bestows a sort of importance upon its contents. Jim Tremayne, editor of DJ Times Magazine, responds to the publication’s fan mail, and looks forward to receiving a particular type of snail mail, prison letters. Over the years, Tremayne has established conversations with many inmates who’ve reached out, always happy to lend a helping hand, especially on his favorite subject, music.

For Tremayne, Give a Beat presents a unique opportunity to help connect others to the cause, the same way a few letters connected him to new relationships.

Dua Lipa @ Bardot 5/9/16

imageLast night marked self-described “dark pop” singer, Dua Lipa’s first Los Angeles performance.  Lipa possesses a lofty voice which dances above the beat, finding its footing against booming  percussion. Though not a fault of her own, the mighty sound she and her band produced felt more suited for a larger venue, where one could dance among the echoes they leave behind. But I expect much larger things for Lipa’s future, for there’s nowhere but upwards for her from this point. At age 20 she’s already produced a number of quality tunes, aside from her well-received singles, “Be The One” and “Last Dance.”  The aptly named “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” shined just as brightly as Lipa’s early singles, littered with lyrics that are as confident as they are confessional: “if we don’t fuck this whole thing up guaranteed I can blow your mind”. Honesty is usually the best policy, and it sounds extra good on her.


Grimes Presents: March of the Pugs @ The Shrine 4/23/16


The Internet came out in full-force for Grimes Presents: March of the Pugs, An Evening With Christine & The Queens and Tei-Shi, by that I mean much of the crowd jumped straight from a Tumblr post. The lovely thing about the Internet in this case is its ability to unite three very different, international artists into one extravaganza. Continue reading Grimes Presents: March of the Pugs @ The Shrine 4/23/16

Dancefloor Thunderstorm: the beginnings of rave culture

(An interview I did for LA-based non-profit, Give a Beat)

Dancefloor Thunderstorm: Land of the Free, Home of the Rave captures the soul and self-sufficiency at the dawn of the rave. Through colorful, candid photography, music and celebrity photojournalist Michael Tullberg illustrates the story of the SoCal rave scene, the story history never recorded. A veteran of rave culture, Tullberg made a name for himself among ravers and artists alike, thereby establishing his own expertise on the underground.

Tullberg’s work graced the pages of Rolling Stone and Time, and found its way to the studios of Oprah and Ellen. This latest project encompasses what he loves best, conveying the “energy” (as he consistently refers to it) of the dancefloor to people unfamiliar with the scene. By the late nineties, that energy had developed into a perfect tempest of sounds and scenes, and we see it here through the very eye of the storm.

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