Tinashe @ The Regent 11/11/15


Upon walking into the Regent Theater, one can feel they are in for a good show. The general admission area slopes downward towards the main stage, granting excellent viewpoints for the whole crowd. Just large enough with minimally decorated walls, the Regent places full attention on the stage to ensure it is the main attraction. Continue reading Tinashe @ The Regent 11/11/15

Wolf Alice @ The Fonda 10/13


Live music revolves around how an artist and audience connect. Failure to establish that connection (looking at you, Diplo) moots the point of going to a concert. The audience for the most part already feels a connection to an artist’s music, else they wouldn’t attend, so banter and synergy are needed to build upon their connection to the artist themselves. Continue reading Wolf Alice @ The Fonda 10/13

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